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Corpress – An Amazing WordPress Business Theme

A new WordPress business theme that amazes. Every few months a new theme hits one of the many marketplaces on the web, it stands above the rest and quickly rises to popularity. I'm telling right now Corpress will be come one of those themes. ...

Screen Ads

How To Setup WordPress Background Ads

For a long time I've wanted to serve native WordPress background ads (aka takeover ads) on 2 of my sites, iHipHopMusic and MixtapesTV but there were no plugins that supported this naively. To do it required quite a bit manual effort which I ...


Barley – A Smooth WordPress Frontend Content Editor

I remember a time not too long ago when I would have to dig through pages of search results to find a WordPress frontend content editor plugin that would allow me as well as users to easily edit content on the front-end of WordPress. Back then ...

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