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Mingle – Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Description & Key Features

Mingle has been designed as an adaptable and highly intuitive WordPress theme. It includes administration features allowing you to fully control the layout and design of your website. The unique and easy to manage design ensures your site will stand out and be remembered.


The theme uses HTML5 and CSS3 to create advanced styles using the latest technologies. Proper heading tags and coding standards are used to ensure search engine optimization.

Drag and Drop Layout Manager

Using the drag-and-drop “Layout Manager” you can create page layouts and apply them to any post type. Attach custom headers and footers to your layouts and interchange them as needed. The flexibility allows you to make the styles you need for your site.

Contact Form Builder

Create your own custom fields and attach them to your contact forms using the admin options. Any number of custom fields can be created and attached individually to any form. Includes options for custom validation, error messages, CAPTCHA and more.

Unbranded White Label Admin

An unbranded administrative interface with options to include your own logos and company details, set permissions on theme options and more. Disable access to these features by hiding the developer options before turning the site over to your client.

Sidebar Generator

Create unlimited custom sidebars and assign them to layouts. You can also insert sidebars directly into content using shortcodes.


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