Website Building Guide Part 5: Ways To Make Money With Your Website

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This is the 5th and final part of the Website Building guide for beginners, if this is the first thing your reading from this guide Then I…

Life After Adsense, What To Do When Adsense Starts To Suck Ass

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Now anyone who has a website that receives consistent traffic over a long period of time and uses Google Adsense to monetize their traffic have noticed a few things. In the beginning the earnings are really good for a couple months, they have higher payouts depending on the time of year, and the click through rates are much higher in the beginning. Over time all of these things change and in many cases depending on the topic of your website the changes in the earnings are so drastic that it does not make sense to even continue to use Google Adsense as a primary income stream.

Why Goolge Adsense Pays Some Websites More Than Others

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The other day my earnings for my hip hop music blog (HipHopMusicDotCom.com) doubled, the funny thing is the traffic remained the same there was no spike and…

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